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DV GOLD 112 Small

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This new DV Mark cabinet series features a nice gold grill and the new DV Mark DV NEO Speakers Gold.
If you like heavy and rock stuff and you need your overtones to properly come out, here are the cabinets for you!
The models available under this series are the DV Gold 112 Small, the DV Gold 212, the DV Gold 412 and the DV Gold 212 V.

The DV GOLD 112 SMALL is the smallest and lightest guitar cabinet of this series!
It is a very portable single 12" cab, with glorious rock tone, punch and volume in a small unit. With 150W of power handling, this cab is a perfect choice for rock players, and for guitarists who need a small, portable cab (or two for a stereo rig), it only weighs 18.3 lbs (8,3Kg)!

> key points

> DV NEO Speaker Gold
It's been designed to serve all Hard Rock and Metal players, but this speaker is actually great for many other genres where you need to emphasize overtones, glorifying bass and mid frequencies to get a solid tone with a great headroom and dynamic. It also delivers an unmatched power compared to similar speakers on the market.

> Portability | Incredible power handling / weight ratio
This compact cab is very portable, and it’s a perfect choice for your head/amp or stereo amp rig! If you play a lot or transport your own gear, the size of your cabinet is a real factor… the DV GOLD 112 SMALL allows you to get killer classic tone in a small, portable unit. This small cab has 150 watts of power handling and weighs only 18.3 lbs / 8.3kg .

> Friendly and efficient customer service
As always, service assistance is our top priority. We consider our customers as part of our family!

Speakers: 1x12" DV Neo Speaker Gold

Cab Power Handling: 150W RMS (AES Standard)

Impedance: 8 ohms

Cabinet: open-back

Width: 19.09" / 48.5 cm
Height: 18.30" / 46.5 cm
Depth: 10.63" / 27 cm

Weight: 18.3lbs / 8,3kg

Produktlänge: 595.0000 mm
Produktbreite: 500.0000 mm
Produkthöhe: 380.0000 mm
Produktgewicht: 10.0000 kg
Produktverpackung: 1.0000 kg
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